Your Horoscope for the Week of February 17, 2020

    With the new moon starting on Sunday, set your intentions on experiencing the magic and beauty in the world and each person you meet. Mercury, in its regular backspin, could create confusion, so triple-check everything. On a positive note, it can help reach through the subconscious to bring inspired visions and ideas to light. Be sure to write them down while noting how your feelings work in tandem with your thoughts. Which comes first? Read on to discover what’s in store for your sign during the week of February 17 through to February 23, 2020, and double down by getting to know your rising sign.

    Aries | Aries rising

    This week hits peak mystic when signs and symbols coalesce into meaning if you’re willing not to rationalize them out of your awareness. Take some serious soul time in solitude. This is not the time for any big reveals, instead take steady and practical steps in your career, which will support your financial base. Your movements are being noticed so put your hand up for the next big offer, or even better, don’t wait around, make it happen by contacting that person in the field or area you’re aiming at. If it’s not quite time, do your groundwork now. Set your intentions around trusting your instincts, allowing yourself time out to plug into the cosmos and recharge. You’re so busy being a superhero for everyone else; this is your month of relative downtime, make the most of it.

    Taurus | Taurus rising

    Heed the call of your practical heart and lend your abilities to a cause or group that needs the type of assistance only you can provide. It may be a friend, humanitarian, or ecological. This is your month to get mystical in friendship and group dynamics. Whether it’s creating an app for the greater good or taking a digital detox retreat, set your intentions on making meaningful connections. A mystic mediation or divination class would work wonders to loosen up attachments, and give you more breathing space. Mercuries moonwalk back through this sector suggests unfinished business. If a friend arrives from the past, a new friend reminds you of someone special, or you find yourself thinking a lot about someone in particular, note the message. What’s the intel about? That’s the message for you.

    Gemini | Gemini rising

    This month, give your social profile a soft pink-wash if you feel the urge to step up your professional modern mystic game. People who see you from a distance through your vocation are ready to accept a role model that blends a direct line to the intuitive and can share from that space. You are the queen of communication so experiment by asking your higher mind/the cosmos then being open to receiving the answers. This is especially useful for intuitive career steps at the moment. Set your intentions in your career zone, and how you’d like to represent. How do you want people to see and perceive you on the larger stage? Write the top intention on your mirror, so you see it every week along with your reflection. Make them around manifesting in your career. No big career-defining decisions until Mercury moves out of retrograde.

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