Yes, Stan Twitter Is Already Using The Bald Emoji To Say “Wig Snatched”

Immediately after Apple dropped new emojis in its latest update, Stan Twitter has flocked to the bald man and woman as the most concise way to yell “wig snatched!”

Of course, stans didn’t create this exclamation that’s used to express total disbelief at how amazing someone’s talent is, whether that’s modeling, singing or nearly anything else. “Wig snatched,” a phrase born from the black, LGBTQ ballroom culture of the 1980s, has taken a strange path from Paris Is Burning to be a regular catchphrase online.

It’s gotten so mainstream, in fact, that no time was wasted in deciding that the new bald emojis were designed for Stan Twitter.

Trying out the bald emoji right away, stans have posted it in response to music, old and new, from faves like Carly Rae Jepsen and Mariah Carey.

They’ve also already used it to express excitement about surprise news like the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show performers announcement and the Timothée Chalamet inteview by Harry Styles for Vice.

It’s hard to imagine that the creators of ballroom vernacular in the 1980s thought it would be co-opted by music fans in picture form decades later. Some uses of the bald emoji, however, are authentically closer to its origin, like responding to Beyoncé’s meticulously-crafted Flo-Jo Halloween costume.

In a way similar to how wig exclamations were co-opted by Stan Twitter, the phrase has made its way even further to the mainstream. In late 2017 and early 2018, “wig snatched” reached new audiences when it got shortened to just “wig” by Katy Perry and the locals. So while some stans have embraced the bald emoji, others are saying it’s meant for Local Twitter.

But even if they give up the bald emojis, stans have enough new emoji material to work with. Receipts were added in the last update, too, and that might just be enough to keep the stans satisfied.

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