Xbox Game Pass Adds Horror Titles For Halloween

Microsoft continues to expand and grow its library of games for the Xbox Game Pass. This includes adding some frightfully fitting games that are themed around the spookiest season of the year. Yes, some hot and spicy horror games have been added to the Xbox Game Pass just in time for Halloween.

Over on the Xbox Wire, it was announced that Dead Island: RipTide DE, Outlast, and Hello Neighbor have all been added to the digital subscription service known as Xbox Game Pass.

The handful of horror games join the ever-growing library of digital offerings made available through the Xbox Game Pass. If you’ve been starved of titles to play this Halloween, you can start with Dead Island: Riptide DE, which is the definitive edition of the 2013 first-person shooter outing. The game is a cooperative survival game set within a tropical zombie-infested island. Players have to work together to escape from the island while using any and every kind of weapon they can get their hands on, not unlike Valve’s highly popular co-op shooter, Left 4 Dead.

Red Barrels’ Outlast also makes the cut, which is one of the most talked-about horror games within the last two generations. The first Outlast came out back in late 2013, eventually making its way onto the PS4 and Xbox One shortly thereafter. The game was a claustrophobic horror sim set in a violent prison where deadly experiments have been taking place.

Hello Neighbor is next on the list, which is an indie title that caught the attention of many when it first came onto the scene. It’s an oddball game that’s like a surrealistic take on the movie The Burbs. Players take on the role of a young boy who moves in across the street from a very strange and violent neighbor. The objective is to find a way to get into the basement and discover what deep, dark, and dangerous secret the neighbor is hiding away. The full release of the game was initially mired in bugs and glitches, but over time the developers have been working to iron everything out. In time it’s possible that Hello Neighbor could end up becoming a cult classic. Being added to the Xbox Game Pass is definitely a good place to start.

Last but not least is Bloober Team’s Observer, which is a psychological, cyberpunk horror game. It’s a rare breed of title that hearkens back to the old point-and-click days of PC gaming in the 1990s when games like Gabriel Knight: The Evil Within and Phantasmagoria were all the rage. Observer stars veteran actor Rutger Hauer as a neuro-detective who utilizes wetware to jack into peoples’ minds. They call these kind of operatives “Observers.” He gets mixed up in a dangerous murder pursuit within a crummy apartment complex, which results in him trying to figure who the murderer is and how they’re pulling off the crimes. It’s a unique game that combines body-horror with psycho-horror, all themed around the traditional cyberpunk visage that was popularized with films like Blade Runner.

You can check out these digital Halloween treats right now on the Xbox Game Pass for those of you who have a monthly subscription to the service.

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