Why Wonder Woman 1984 Should Not Skip Theaters And Stream Right Now

So, how are we going to get to $500M in grosses? Well, the first question is how much money would a family be willing to pay to watch Wonder Woman 1984 at home? I’m going to say $25. Maybe some people would pay more, but if you start going over $25, I think you’re gonna start losing a lot of people. So, if you stick at $25 a rental, that means you need 20,000,000 separate orders. I guess that’s technically possible, but that’s a huge hill to climb, especially as we’re entering uncertain economic times. So, you’re almost certainly leaving money on the table. And even if, by some chance 20M people are willing to pay $25, that is not going to be something that happens with regularity. Every subsequent movie released this way is going to be less exciting and people will be less willing to pay. Part of what they pay for at the theater is the experience of a night out.

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