Why The Timeless Finale Picks Up When It Does

Brace yourselves, the Timeless finale is almost here! Having left off on a significant cliffhanger, Season 2 gave fans a lot to wonder about. Will the series finale pick up where Season 2 ended? Yes, and Timeless showrunner Arika Lisanne Mittman has explained why:

Timeless will be wasting no time delivering answers, according to what the series’ showrunner revealed to TVLine. When you have two hours to wrap up a two-season show, that is a great approach to take. Add in the logistics of time travel, and you have a lot of pieces that need to be fit in place in a relatively brief bit of time.

That is a lot for Timeless to have to manage. The Season 2 finale ended on quite a cliffhanger. In the final moments, the team watches as future versions of Wyatt and Lucy emerge from an equally futuristic Lifeboat. As the awe-struck team looks on, future Wyatt (donning a full-grown beard) and Lucy (with a new hairstyle) ask a question. Are they ready to get Rufus back?

Now fans know that the series finale will open up right after that rhetorical question is broached. Obviously, it is a lot for the team to take in, but they will need to deal with it fast to get Rufus. Timeless will slow things down enough to answer how future Wyatt and Lucy made the trip.

You would think that would take more than “five minutes” to explain. However, a quick bit of dialogue could get the job done. The clock will be ticking, and two hours goes fast, especially when a finale is at stake.

Timeless‘ finale comes wrapped as a Christmas special. The installment will include a Christmas theme as a recurring plot point. Fans will bid the show a fond farewell before the end of the year. Thus, concluding a year of highs and lows for Timeless. The show was cancelled and will be brought to a proper conclusion all within the same year.

Speaking of said finale, fans already know a crucial detail about Timeless‘ final scene. The show will not end on the team. That’s right, a closeup of the team will not be the last glimpse fans get of the Timeless universe. According to Matt Lanter, the closure the show offers its core characters will not close out the potential of future chapters.

That is a positive sign for the future of Timeless, should a revival ever make its way to the screen. For now, all that is left for fans to do is enjoy this final act and celebrate their part in getting it.

Timeless‘ two-hour series finale premieres Thursday, December 20 at 8 p.m. ET on NBC. New shows are also arriving this fall and throughout the midseason. So, television has a lot planned to keep you busy.

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