Why The Invisible Man Never Tries To Convince The Audience Elisabeth Moss Might Be Crazy

In The Invisible Man, Elisabeth Moss’ character Cecilia escapes an abusive relationship with a genius scientist, Adrian (Oliver Jackson Cohen), only to be terrorized by him after he fakes his own suicide. Throughout the film, he uses a suit that renders him invisible to try and drive her crazy and ends up getting her committed after making it appear as though she lost it and killed her best friend. At one point, it seems as though Adrian’s brother Tom (Michael Dorman) was the man in the suit, and that he had held Adrian captive in his home. But Cecilia eventually outsmarts Adrian and gets him to admit that he orchestrated it all in order to gaslight her. The film ends with Cecilia exacting her revenge on Adrian, as she dons his suit and kills him, making it look like a suicide.

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