Why Steve Harvey Got Rid Of His Iconic TV Mustache

If you’ve been keeping tabs on TV veteran Steve Harvey lately, you may have noticed he’s changed up his facial hair quite a bit. Instead of a sleek black mustache, the man’s grown a full beard. And he’s not dyeing it anymore.

This week, Steve Harvey headed to Ellen to talk about his life, his career and most importantly, his facial hair change. He said it started out as a complete accident, but as he put it, his wife told him to ‘keep it.’

It’s a change for sure for the longtime Family Feud and daytime TV host. For years and years, Steve Harvey has been known for, OK well a lot of things, but among those things are making pointed faces and rocking a gigantic black mustache.

The new look is certainly different for the longtime host, and he told Ellen DeGeneres that the new look reflects the number of years he’s been on this earth. While Ellen mentioned on her show she liked the beard, Steve Harvey also said that he has encountered some negative comments about the new look online.

Steve Harvey has been around for a long time. His roots are in stand-up and he’s noted for hosting Showtime at the Apollo starting in 1990. So, it’s no real surprise that he is currently in his sixth decade of life, even if he was dyeing his mustache for a long time. Regardless, apparently it was a shock for some “haters” on the Internet who don’t think of him as a salt and pepper kind of guy.

For more Steve Harvey-isms, you can take a full look at Steve Harvey on Ellen, below.

While he might have been around for decades, Steve Harvey still has a lot going on in the TV realm. If you’d like to catch Steve Harvey in action, Little Big Shots recently has a holiday special coming up on NBC and Harvey also has big plans for New Year’s Eve this year on Fox. To see what else is coming up, take a look at our midseason TV premiere schedule.

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