Why Snake Eyes Was The Perfect Character For A G.I. Joe Spin-Off Movie

    A movie focused on Snake Eyes as a character means, quite bluntly, that the film probably won’t feel like a G.I. Joe movie in the way that we think of it, and that’s actually a good thing here. Action will be more of the martial arts variety and less of the military variety. And if the Snake Eyes movie works, you can reintroduce this new version of the character into a more traditional G.I. Joe movie, and fans will go along with it. You can even soft reboot the entire franchise that way if that’s the decision the filmmakers want to make. Either way, the baggage of a couple of mediocre movies will hang less on a Snake Eyes movie than any other. A movie based on pretty much any other G.I. Joe character will instantly feel like more of a sequel to the other movies, and that’s not useful right now.

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