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Why Ratatouille In An Underrated Pixar Classic

The Antagonist Is Brilliant

Let me get this straight – there’s no real “antagonist” in Ratatouille like other movies until Ego. You can’t really say Skinner is one because honestly, he’s just a good businessman. Is he selling out the restaurant? Yes, but to try and make money and somehow find a profit after it had lost its two stars. But Ego – that is a man that can ruin a restaurant. However, even though he is easily persuaded by the deliciousness of the dish ratatouille, in the end, it’s the true villain that is overcome – the actual ego of everyone else.

Think about it. Ego has this certain air about himself where he feels that whatever he says is gospel – which is overridden when he finds out that yes, Gustaeu’s does still make great food. Remy starts to grow an ego when Linguine starts to get attention for the food that he makes and that leads to him and the little chef having a fight down the line in Ratatouille.

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