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Why George Romero’s Dawn Of The Dead (1978) Isn’t Streaming

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Dawn of the Dead (1978) is arguably one of the best horror movies of all time, a seminal film that shouldn’t go overlooked or unwatched. But while all of the other George Romero zombie movies are streaming on various services and can be enjoyed with not much trouble, the second entry in his Living Dead series is oddly missing from any of the major streamers and elsewhere online. Why is that?

Even though it’s a fairly simple question as to why Dawn of the Dead isn’t streaming, the answer is anything but with no real definitive answer. And sure, there are a number of factors involved here, most notably the tangled distribution rights from the making of the film that have plagued the horror classic for decades, but it is still a mirky situation.

And don’t worry, there are no Dawn of the Dead spoilers anywhere in this article.

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