Why Brad Bird Doesn’t Love Seeing Live-Action Versions Of Animated Films

There are multiple trends currently running their course in Hollywood, from the horror boom to cinematic universes, but one of the most successful is certainly animated movies being remade in live-action. Disney in particular has had massive success, with features like Cinderella, Jungle Book, and Beauty And The Beast. They are certainly popular, but one person who isn’t a huge fan is writer/director Brad Bird, who recently had this to say about the idea of a live-action Incredibles:

Earlier this month I joined a group of journalists flying up to Pixar headquarters in Emeryville, California, and it was during that trip that I had the chance to sit down with Brad Bird and producer John Walker to discuss their work on Incredibles 2. It was at the end of the interview that I asked about the possible future of the franchise, and what the filmmakers thought about a medium change — and Bird definitely made it sound like he wouldn’t be on-board.

Continuing his thoughts on the operation of the box office marketplace in the industry, Brad Bird clarified that he isn’t against sequels and franchises — notably having made both Incredibles 2 and Mission: Impossible — Ghost Protocol. However, what he says really excites him is when a great filmmaker introduces a wholly original idea to the world, and it’s more of that kind of material he wants to see on the big screen:

Adding his two cents, John Walker — who produced both Incredibles movies as well as The Iron Giant — also agreed that specifically creating a live-action version of Brad Bird’s first Pixar film just wouldn’t work. Not only does the concept elude his imagination, but he just doesn’t feel that the material would have the same effect if it were adapted differently. Said Walker,

As implied by Brad Bird’s comments earlier, Incredibles might seem like a natural film to remake in live-action because its human characters, but that would rob it of some of its special-ness. Both it and its sequel have a gorgeous animation style that harkens back to the golden age of comics, and what it renders through its story just wouldn’t have the same effect if recreated with actors and CGI.

At the very end, Brad Bird stood behind his message, but also added a caveat. Obviously there are a lot of these live-action versions of animated movies coming together, and a lot of people love them and have different takes on the approach. For him, though, it seemed like his thoughts were rather black and white. Said Bird,

Incredibles 2 is one of four movies to make over a billion dollars at the box office in 2018, having finished its worldwide run during the summer. Those excited to revisit the adventure will have the chance to do so very soon, as it will be available digitally on October 23rd. Those holding out for physical copies will find it on Blu-ray and DVD November 6th.

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