Why 2019 Could Be Disney’s Biggest Year Ever

When it comes to the box office, there’s Disney and then there is everyone else. The year isn’t over yet, but Disney is lapping the field thanks to its popular brands and successful blockbusters. In fact, the studio is on track for its second-biggest year ever at the worldwide box office. It is impressive to say the least, but looking ahead, this year could pale in comparison to what Disney has in store for 2019.

Next year is set to be a huge one for the company started by Walt Disney and not only at the box office. Disney isn’t just a movie studio; it’s an entertainment empire. In 2019 that empire is looking to expand as Disney conquers new territory and breaks out its biggest guns to do so.

Across its business on screens big and small, in the boardroom and in the most magical place on Earth, Disney is set to dominate and make 2019 The Year of the Mouse. Read on to see why 2019 could be Disney’s biggest year ever.

The Disney-Fox Deal Should Close

One of the biggest things queued up for Disney’s 2019 is something that will affect not only the Mouse House, but also the entertainment industry as a whole. Disney’s purchase of the 20th Century Fox film and television assets for $71.3 billion has been one of the biggest industry stories of 2018 and the deal closing and its effects will begin to alter the landscape in 2019.

The ink is expected to dry on this deal in the first half of next year. Sadly, this deal looks as if it will result in many people losing their jobs and it will reduce the number of major studios. Still, it is a huge win for Disney.

The content and rights Disney nets from this gets the company a lot for its money that it can then use to bolster all aspects of its business and continue to compete in an ever-shifting and competitive market. Oh yeah, and once this deal closes, we can hopefully all start counting down the days until the X-Men show up in the MCU.

Oscar Chances?

No guarantees, but when the 91st Academy Awards roll around next February, Disney may actually have two contenders for some of the night’s biggest prizes. Since Black Panther was released, there has been talk about its Oscar chances. Part of the backlash against the Best Popular Film category was the thought that it would be a consolation prize that hurt Black Panther‘s chances at the top prize.

Make no mistake, Disney is gunning for Best Picture with this one. A critically loved box office triumph with genuine cultural significance, Black Panther seems like it could snag one of the Best Picture nominations and possibly nominations in other categories like costume design.

Mary Poppins Returns doesn’t release until December, but some of the early reactions to Rob Marshall’s film out of the NATO conference are gushing, indicating that Disney managed to make a film that lives up to the high expectations conferred by the original masterpiece. Word is that Disney’s two big Oscar pushes will be Black Panther and Mary Poppins Returns and any victories for these two films would be another feather in the mouse’s cap during a huge 2019.

Live-Action Remakes

One of the pillars of Disney’s box office dominance has been the live-action remakes of its animated classics, best exemplified by 2017’s Beauty and the Beast, which invited audiences to be its guest to the tune of $1.26 billion. In 2019, Disney has not one, not two, but three of these live-action remakes headed to theaters.

This kicks off with Tim Burton’s Dumbo in March, which looks to be a strange and beautiful tearjerker with a brilliant cast. Disney is also breaking out the big guns with adaptations of two of the iconic films of the Renaissance of the 1990s. In May, Guy Ritchie’s Aladdin hits theaters. We just got our first glimpse at the film and it looks to be pure nostalgic magic.

Last (but certainly not least) is the “live-action” remake of Disney’s seminal 1994 film, The Lion King. Jon Favreau’s movie has a stellar voice cast, including the return of James Earl Jones, and given what we saw from The Jungle Book, this film should be a gorgeous retelling of the beloved tale. If Disney has wished for these three films to deliver box office gold, there’s a good chance that wish will be granted.

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