Who Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s Remaining Characters Might Be

With Super Smash Bros. Ultimate coming to the Nintendo Switch in just a couple of months, a potential leak may have revealed a collection of seven characters still to be announced for the final roster. Again, since Nintendo hasn’t made any sort of announcement at this time, everything that follows should be taken with an appropriately-sized grain of salt.

What appears to be a still image pulled from a Snapchat video showing off promotional materials for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate popped up on the internet this week, with folks rushing to dissect what appears to be a picture of the upcoming brawler’s final lineup of playable characters. Making their series debut appears to be Street Fighter‘s Ken, Golden Sun‘s Isaac, the Chorus Kids from Rhythm Heaven, Geno from Super Mario RPG, Mach Rider from the game by the same name and Banjo-Kazooie.

As reported by Gameinformer, this all comes from an employee of a French printing company that is known for printing these types of marketing materials. The person who posted the video actually has their own name visible in the clip and, thanks to some quick internet stalking, folks were able to determine that the company he works for indeed works on materials for Bandai Namco. Since Bandai Namco is developing Smash Bros. Ultimate, many argue this serves as further proof that the leaks are legitimate. There are also images of the upcoming Grinch movie in the background that further strengthen the idea that this is a legitimate video, though now I can’t help but wonder why everyone is burying the real story: The Grinch is going to be in Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Seriously though, this seems like a pretty compelling rumor at this point but, still, until Nintendo comes forward with its own announcement, I don’t want to bank on anything. But if it’s real, I can only imagine what that might mean for measures from Nintendo concerning the company and employee involved.

As for the rumored cast, many of them have at least been a part of the “player wish list” discussion for a while now. Golden Sun representation was one of the few remaining holdouts on my personal list, while Microsoft has gone on record saying they would love to see Banjo-Kazooie make the cut. Still, a trio of these characters feels pretty out there for me, even if Nintendo is going for straight fan service. Mach Rider feels way too bizarre, whereas the Chorus Kids and Geno, while better known, don’t seem like characters likely to garner a round of cheers from the audience.

My biggest skepticism, though, comes from a lack of a Monster Hunter character. We know that the series will be represented by a boss monster taking the form of Rathalos in the game and it even looks like a Monster Hunter level was present in a recent video but not shown on the official list of levels. All of that considered, it kind of makes sense that an actual Hunter would be present, especially considering the series’ popularity on Nintendo platforms and recent breakthrough with a more mainstream audience.

It looks like Nintendo is planning at least one Direct next month, so hopefully, we’ll learn more before Smash Bros. finally drops on Dec. 7.

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