Who Should Win Best Original Screenplay At The 2020 Oscars, According To CinemaBlend

Playing out its own twisty mystery that the audience is let into from square one, Parasite sees a lower class family infiltrate a perfect example of an upper crust clan. Posing as workers that help the wealthy Park family function as the best of the best, the Kim family eventually becomes friends with their employers, before stumbling into a mess that no one could have ever predicted. But that’s only the set-up, as the second half of the movie takes a shocking left turn. Bong Joon-Ho’s deadly black comedy, co-written with collaborator Jin Won Han, has become somewhat of a front runner for the Best Original Screenplay honors at the 2020 Oscars, and we can’t help but agree. It’s a film that’s both playfully silly, and deadly serious, rolled into an expertly crafted cinematic experience that could just as easily be turned into a play.

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