Who Are the 2020 Bachelorette Contestants? Meet the Men Vying For Clare Crawley’s Heart

    The Bachelorette contestants have finally been announced! As you very well know by now, Clare Crawley is the new Bachelorette. But what about her 32 guys?

    If Pete Weber’s Bachelor gimmick was his pilot’s license, Crawley’s theme is undoubtedly going to be her age. At 38, she is the oldest Bachelorette in franchise history, directly following Hannah Brown, the youngest at 24 years old. Like Brown, Crawley has been through the Bachelor Nation wringer before: first on Juan Pablo’s season of The Bachelor, then on two seasons of Bachelor in Paradise, followed by a stint on Bachelor: Winter Games.

    Of Brown’s 30 contestants, 24 were older than she was, five were exactly her age, and only one of them was younger, at 23 years old. Overall, the average age was 27.

    Hannah Brown with her cast


    Weber’s crew was also quite young. Of his 30 contestants, only one was older than him (at 31), and the youngest women were both 22. The average age came out to about 25. Interesting. With seven 23-year-olds on his roster, it’s no wonder there were so many complaints that the contestants were too young.

    Well, now we finally know the names and ages of Crawley’s 32 contestants. Meet the 2020 Bachelorette contestants vying for her heart.

    Aaron G., 33

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