When Tyler, The Creator’s Bawling Mom Joined Him On Stage, I Felt That

Tyler, The Creator has won the award for Best Rap Album for Igor at the 62nd Grammys Awards. In true Tyler fashion, he brought emotions out of everyone thanks to an unprepared speech involving his mother and list of influences

Tyler took the stage and let everyone know that he hadn’t prepared anything, so he was speaking from the heart. With a bulleted format, Tyler went over everyone who brought him to the point that he is today, to be able to make such an inventive album like Igor. “One, to my mother, you did a great job raising this guy,” he said as his mother bawled beside him. For his second point, he thanked his managers, saying, “you guys took a seed and watered it and I thank you for trusting my ideas.”

He continued by then pointing to fellow Odd Future member Jasper Dolphin. “Three, to my friends and my family for trusting my ideas and putting up with my annoying hyperactive energy,” he went on, also saying that he never fully felt accepted in rap.

For his last point, he thanked Pharrell Williams for “allowing me to be comfortable with myself and that opened up so many doors that you couldn’t imagine.”

Some of those opened doors for Igor were burned down earlier in the night thanks to Tyler’s ridiculous Grammy performance where, with an army of clones, he burned down a suburban neighborhood with performances of “Earfquake,” with Charlie Wilson and Boyz II Men, and “New Magic Wand.” It was representative of just how imaginative that Tyler is and surefire proof of why he won Best Rap Album in the first place.

Check out the full speech up above.

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