When Jay And Silent Bob Get A Reboot Is Actually Happening

It has been a long road for director Kevin Smith to get back to the View Askewniverse established in films like Clerks and Mallrats that started his career. But despite the decade-plus hiatus since Clerks II, Kevin Smith is heading back to the View Askewniverse with Jay and Silent Bob Get a Reboot. As far as when that is going to happen, it sounds like it could be relatively soon according to Jay himself, Jason Mewes:

As far as Jason Mewes knows, the current plan is for Jay and Silent Bob Get a Reboot to go before cameras early next year. Given that such a movie in theory wouldn’t require a year’s worth of VFX, that would mean that we could actually see the return of Bluntman and Chronic in 2019. Snoogins.

While Jason Mewes indicated to TMZ that he’s pretty certain that that schedule is where the movie is at right now, it does sound as though there may be some major asterisks attached to that early 2019 production start. He mentioned that offers went out to some people, so it sounds like this movie may still be looking for a home and the requisite funding.

When Jay and Silent Bob Get a Reboot was first announced, Kevin Smith was hoping to start shooting in summer of 2017. Then production was supposed to happen that fall, but both of those times came and went without filming. Although director Kevin Smith has obviously went through a lot since then, suffering a heart attack earlier this year.

That heart attack precipitated a lifestyle change for the filmmaker that resulted in some impressive weight loss. That meant the fat jokes had to be taken out of the script that will see Jay and Silent Bob returning to Hollywood to stop the reboot-happy town from rebooting the first movie made about them.

Kevin Smith has tried to revisit his fan favorite properties in the past and faced insurmountable obstacles each time. With Clerks III, one of the film’s leads opted out so Kevin Smith turned to Mallrats 2, which then evolved into a Mallbrats TV series. No one picked up the series, so he then turned to the characters of Jay and Silent Bob, which unlike the latter two properties, he actually owns, so that he could play with his old toys again.

As a fan of the View Askewniverse, I’m hoping that Kevin Smith does get to make this film. He’s talked about wanting to return to his characters and it would be great to see him be able to revisit the world that built his career and gained him so many fans.

If Alanis Morissette blesses Jay and Silent Bob Get a Reboot and it actually does make it to theaters next year, it would join a positively jam-packed calendar. Check all of the movies schedule for next year in our 2019 release calendar. For all the latest on Jay and Silent Bob Get A Reboot, stay tuned to moviepoopshoot.com. I mean, CinemaBlend.

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