What The New Jack Reacher TV Streaming Can Learn From The John Wick Movies

Bad-Ass Supporting Characters

Beyond the title character of John Wick, the John Wick movies pride themselves on building their assassin-friendly violent world with a number of fun, memorable supporting characters along the way. In order to keep these movies in a heightened, extreme world, there are a number of bizarre, strange, or simply over-the-top (in an enjoyable way) supporting characters that keep John Wick on his toes. So many action movies don’t take as much time to build absurd characters. John Wick fills the frame with any number of memorable characters, and it produces an even more fun night at the movies in the process. Jack Reacher could easily benefit from allowing its own supporting characters to bring their own memorable ticks and quirks to the table. 

The books feature a few distinctive personalities, many of whom serve as fitting villains for the characters, and they should get their time in this series.

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