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What The Marvel Universe Taught The Last Vermeer’s Guy Pearce About Playing A Villain

I suppose on some level, I didn’t even view him as a hero or a villain. it was really important to understand his history, it was just important to understand that and I suppose, you know, if you play anybody, unless you’re doing something that is perhaps of the Marvel Universe, where you’re just playing a villainous character, and it’s really… fantastically sort of tasty for an audience. If you’re doing something that is somewhat based in reality, I think you can’t help but understand, or try to understand the motivations of anybody, even somebody who who commits murder, or somebody who, you know, commits some terrible acts of treason or whatever they happen to be. I can’t help but have some sense of sympathy, at least to the point where I go, ‘Well, I’m just curious to know where that comes from. I’m just curious to know why that happened. And as vile as it might have been, what’s the reason for it?’ I’m so curious about human nature and behavior and psychology, I suppose.

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