Wednesday Addams Trend: Goth Fashion Items to Buy This Winter

Some fictional characters’ looks are so iconic, it doesn’t take much to see their influence reflected in fashion. Where there’s an abundance of embellished headbands, there’s a Blair Waldorf stan behind-the-scenes. Spot a yellow plaid blazer, and you know Clueless was on the moodboard. Tack a white Peter Pan collar onto a black mini dress, and the resemblance to Wednesday Addams is unmissable.

Addams might seem like an unusual source of inspiration at this point: Christina Ricci played the role in the ’90s, so it’s been a minute. Plus, it’s December and most of the world has begun dressing like they’re either about to go into hibernation or they’re an extra in a Hallmark holiday movie. But there’s something about this sadistic, sarcastic teen with an all-black-everything wardrobe and over-it attitude that speaks to me. Plus, her recognizable aesthetic—high-neck dresses, long-sleeve blouses, Peter Pan collars—are all elements represented in retail right now, and feel relevant on a broader scale thanks to the rising popularity of noir teen dramas, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina to Riverdale.

In the several versions of The Addams Family, from its origins as a New Yorker comic in the ’30s to the films from the ’90s, Wednesday is stubbornly all woe, all the time. At this point in my life, her commitment to being miserable, through every aspect of her demeanor, is honestly inspiring: Oceans are rising, the government is crumbling, and rent is due—I’m in no mood for a holiday sweater dress. The rest of the world can enjoy the festive fashions of the season. I just want my outsides to match how I feel on the inside.

Whether it’s through a stitch-for-stitch replica of her signature dress or an affinity for deceptively prim collars, I find it delightfully apropos to copy Wednesday Addams’ style year-round, but especially this winter. Here’s what I’m shopping for.

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