We Dare You to Put Women’s Cotton Turtlenecks Under Everything This Winter

I’ve reached the point in my life when trends from my childhood have started resurfacing. As a preschooler in the early ’90s I remember being stuffed into turtlenecks, which were back after peaking in the ’70s, with help from The Brady Bunch. And while I hated turtlenecks a few decades ago, I can’t get enough of them this time around. I love how a cotton turtleneck looks under a breezy summer dress or a boiler suit, and I appreciate the extra layer of warmth on the coldest winter days. If you’re ready to give the turtleneck trend a second (or third) try, scroll down for style inspiration.

On extra-cold days, wear a turtleneck under a boiler suit. I like how the contrasting red here matches her bag straps and phone case, but a neutral would work, too.


If a turtleneck and a popped collar had a baby, it might be this ruffle-neck top, which does the work of a turtleneck (adding warmth and a little something around the neckline, not getting lost underneath her crewneck sweater) without getting too tight for comfort.

Edward Berthelot

Two favorite fall trends—longline cardigans and midi skirts—are even better when you add a plain white turtleneck to the mix.

Claudio Lavenia

Brunch outfit, party of one? Layer on your basics (black turtleneck and tights, denim mini, Chucks) then top it all with a loud cardigan and your Sunday just got cozier.

Claudio Lavenia

For those in-between days when you want the warmth of pants suit but don’t want to sweat it out in an overcoat, swap your standard cotton top for a cozy knit turtleneck.

Edward Berthelot
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