Watch Lady Gaga Surprise Fans At A Star Is Born Screening

The buzz around A Star Is Born is impressive, but one group of lucky fans got an even bigger experience than they were expecting. An early screening a couple of days ago received a very special appearance by the one and only Lady Gaga. Check it out below.

Seeing one of the most anticipated movies of the year early is great enough on its own, but fans at a recent screening hosted by YouTuber Tyler Oakley got even more than that when Lady Gaga stopped by to say hi. The audience is attendance is as thrilled as you’d expect and Lady Gaga seemed equally happy that everybody is there to see her new movie. She praises her co-star and director Bradley Cooper for fighting to cast her in the part that many are saying will put her in contention for major awards including the Oscar.

A Star Is Born has been one of the hottest things in entertainment these days as the movie is a double threat. Thanks to the fact that it’s actually about the music industry, A Star is Born contains great music as well, including the recent release Shallow which has been catching fire on music streaming services ahead of the film release. Though, if you’ve been able to avoid the song to this point, you’re in luck, because of the song and video sort of spoil some of the best parts of the movie.

Quite frequently is seems like the movies that win awards and the ones that make money fall in two separate camps, though, A Star is Born might be the lucky film that’s able to succeed in both categories. Whether on not it’s able to overcome an opening weekend challenge from a comic book movie or not, it could very well put up solid box office numbers not only this weekend but in the weeks to come as well.

It’s all the more impressive to see such buzz around a movie that has been made so many times before. It seems to indicate that there’s something universal about the themes of A Star is Born that just works with nearly any audience. The story itself is basically a trope at this point, thanks to the previous versions of the story, but that doesn’t stop people from embracing it. You can now check it out for yourself. A Star is Born is in theaters now.

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