Watch Chrissy Teigen Almost Lose It Going Through a Haunted House on Ellen

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…when everyone subjects themselves to terrifying experiences all in the name of some Halloween fun. We binge-watch The Haunting of Hill House on Netflix, scream over the return of Michael Myers in Halloween, and pay good money to have strangers in costumes scare us senseless at haunted houses and hayrides.

It’s also deeply gratifying—and hilarious—to watch other people completely lose it because they’re scared. Case in point: this incredible video of Chrissy Teigen and Ellen Degeneres’ executive producer Andy Lassner making their way through a haunted maze. Come for the screams, stay for the laughs.

Degeneres sent the two into the “Purge maze” at Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights with a camera crew to document the experience. It’s an annual tradition for the talk show host to send Lassner into a haunted house for our viewing pleasure. In the past, he’s been accompanied by Modern Family‘s Eric Stonestreet, a writer from the staff, or even his own assistant. This year Teigen got the call—and, as with most things, she makes it even better.

To be fair, that haunted maze looks hella frightening and every person working inside would have made me lose it and scream a few obscenities too. At various points Lassner resorts to crawling on the ground or attempting to physically shield himself with Teigen, who mocks his “alpha male” behavior once they finally make it back to daylight. Though she also thinks he’s a “national treasure” and she’s totally right.

Lassner tweeted, “Ugh. Here ya go sickos. I hope my humiliation makes your day a little bit better.❤️”

Past years’ videos have garnered upwards of 18 million views, so people on social media were naturally very excited about this year’s installment. “Laughing so hard I’m crying,” one wrote. “This just made my entire day,” another tweeted. “I love you so much Andy you are such an alpha! Will be watching again on TV when I get home. Thank you!!”

Happy almost-Halloween, everyone!

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