Watch Bella Thorne Critique People Recreating Her Makeup

Name a daring beauty decision, and Bella Thorne has been there and done that. The phrase “comfort zone” doesn’t figure into her universe, between the rainbow eyeliner, body hair, and glitter that she wears both on the red carpet and on any old day on Instagram. The beauty inspo is there for the taking, and YouTubers are all for it: Search “Bella Thorne makeup” on the video platform, and the first result has 1.7 million views. Switch to Google, and 162,000 results greet you in a second. So we decided to get meta with it, and watch Bella watch beauty vloggers re-create her makeup. Knock over your spinning top, it’s the latest installment of Glamour‘s beauty Inception-style series.

What’d Bella think? As she watches women create their own versions of her signature looks, it’s fascinating to hear firsthand about her makeup strategy. Think fast, loose, and wise beyond her 21 years—the red-carpet veteran does all her own makeup, so she’s well-versed in analyzing the advantages of tiny beauty moves. She goes deep on her list of eye-opening liner techniques, her own beauty line, and what she’d add to her collection based on the vloggers’ takes. Helpful tips, funny asides, and, of course, some mutual fangirling ensue.

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