Wait, Did Bad Boys For Life Make A Major Change To The Timeline Of Mike And Marcus’ Friendship?

Specifically, during a sequence early on in Bad Boys For Life, Will Smith’s Mike Lowrey makes a toast where he says that he’s being partners with Martin Lawrence’s Marcus Burnett for 25 years, which is a slick reference to the original movie’s 1995 release date. However, in the first Bad Boys film, Will Smith’s character claims he and Lawrence’s character have already been partners for six years before the original’s turn of events, which puts the Bad Boys timeline in a state of flux — to say the least. Was this line a goof? Did the filmmakers forget to re-watch the first Bad Boys film before they made the sequel? Or does this sly little piece of information actually give us a clue into the series’ broader story structure?

Let’s investigate and explore some plausible (and not-so-plausible) possibilities, shall we?

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