Vin Diesel Calls Furious 7’s ‘Last Ride’ Scene ‘The Best Moment In Cinematic History’

Paul Walker died while Furious 7 was in production. The tragedy of his loss was not only difficult for the franchise’s cast and crew on a personal level. It created a uniquely horrible situation in which they had to decide if and how they could finish Furious 7 without him. Eventually, the filmmakers decided to honor Paul Walker by completing the film and giving his character, Brian O’Conner, a proper send-off. At the end of the movie, he retires with Mia (Jordana Brewster) and their son, Jack — but not before enjoying one last ride alongside Dom (Vin Diesel). The last shot of Furious 7 shows their two cars diverging at a fork in the road and Brian riding off on his own for a new adventure.

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