Villain-Filled Mulan Trailer Gets Down To Business To Defeat The Huns

While Jason Scott Lee certainly looks tough as Bori Khan, it is Xian Lang who is clearlyn the more interesting. She’s an actual witch, we see her turn into a bird, and we also see a very interesting sequence where she discovers Mulan’s secret, apparently before anybody else. While it certainly looks like the core plot of the Disney version is remaining intact, the remake may have more changes to its story overall than your average Disney remake.

Xian Lang’s fighting style, using her gown as a weapon, is right out of an Asian “wire-fu” style martial arts movie, certainly an element that might make the new movie look more appealing in places like China. The original story is Chinese, but the Chinese audience never fell in love with the animated version. Perhaps Disney will have more luck the second time around. 

While the animated Mulan certainly had its moments of action, more so than most Disney animated movies of its day, the live-action version is clearly going for a more pure action adventure story than the animated musical. While the movie had some great music that it will be sad to lose, this movie certainly doesn’t need singing and dancing to work.

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