True Detective Season 3 Trailer Looks As Good As Season 1 Did

The full-length trailer for True Detective Season 3 has arrived! If it is any indication, the third installment of the HBO anthology should be able to equal the highly-acclaimed quality of Season 1. Find out if you agree by watching it, below:

The intensity of Season 3’s storyline is not lost in the trailer, nor are the parallels between the seasons. In the latest trailer, True Detective appears to be fully embracing its beginnings as a somber detective story that spans decades. Thus, taking the series back to what made the first season so compelling.

The haunting cinematography is back, as are the flashbacks and the interviews. Like Season 1 did with Rust and Marty being interviewed regarding their case, Mahershala Ali’s Detective Wayne Hays appears to be regarding his memorable case under similar circumstances. The life-draining properties of being an investigator are also at play here, which was an aspect that was almost entirely absent from Season 2.

As the trailer communicates, Season 3 will take place in the center of the Ozarks and involve a disturbing mystery. It begins with the disappearance of two children in the 1980’s. The mystery will deepen over three different periods of time, hence, we’ll be witness to a nonlinear narrative during the season.

That is similar to what transpired in Season 1 with Rust and Marty’s original case being revisited in the present as viewers are transported to the past. Of particular note in the trailer is that Detective Hays says, “there were seven in 1980.” This line could indicate that the rash of missing children does not end with the first two kids which Hays and his partner begin Season 3 investigating.

Another intriguing clue about Season 3 is that it appears Mahershala Ali’s Wayne Hays may have a memory-related condition. At one point, the person interviewing Hays says that what he does not remember, he does not know. Not too long after, Hays can be heard saying, “My whole brain’s a bunch of missing pieces.” Perhaps, there is a condition that has altered his memory? But, that’s just a theory.

The drama also appears more than ready to take on the next awards season. Mahershala Ali’s performance in the trailer alone, suggests that he will be an awards season favorite, as well as Carmen Ejogo. So, there are a lot of reasons to believe that Season 3 will restore True Detective to its prior acclaim.

Another thing True Detective Season 1 and Season 3 have in common? They will both have made their debuts at the beginning of the year, with Season 3 premiering almost five years to do the day that Season 1 bowed.

True Detective Season 3 premieres Sunday, January 13 at 9 p.m. ET on HBO. The list of fall premieres you can catch up on in the meantime should keep you busy while you wait.

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