True Detective Season 3 Finally Revealed Its Release Date

We knew HBO’s anthology series would be returning with a third installment in January. The question has been when exactly in January. While True Detective tends to revolve around mysteries, you can consider one of its new season’s solved. The date for the series’ return has been set, as announced it on the official Twitter account. Find out which date you should set your calendar for via the embed below:

There you have it! Season 3 will premiere January 13, 2019. So we are only a few months away from True Detective‘s next installment. As “next year” is not nearly as far away as it used to be. The latest season will star Oscar winner Mahershala Ali as state police detective Wayne Hays. The season will venture back in time to 1980, the year Ali’s detective becomes embroiled in investigating the case of two missing children in Arkansas.

As seen in the first look at the upcoming season, the show will skip between time, from Wayne’s investigation in the early ’80s to his life in the present day. The toll the case takes on Mahershala Ali’s character is heavily hinted at in the trailer. Based on that first teaser, it seems that True Detective will be getting back to the feel of Season 1 with its latest installment. The wintery vibe of Season 3 will also work well with its newly announced premiere date.

Premiering in the early half of January, Season 3 will arrive in the heart of winter. While Season 2 was met with considerable criticism, its third season could be the one it finds redemption. Arriving on the scene with an incredible debut season, True Detective became an overnight pop culture sensation. The anthology’s latest installment appears to be going back to what made that one work: a detective mystery and character drama that spans years.

The upcoming season will be comprised of eight episodes. Season 3 will chronicle a “macabre crime” that takes place at the center of the Ozarks. The mystery will “deepen” over the course of multiple decades and span three different time periods, so this season will be nothing short of ambitious. Season 1 revolved around similar elements. However, it was set in Louisiana, whereas Season 3 will take place in the Ozarks, a location that seems to be becoming a TV trend.

With a premiere date, plot and impressive cast, True Detective‘s third season appears primed to make the unpleasant memories of Season 2 fade away. Or at least hopefully it can. True Detective Season 3 premieres Sunday, January 13 at 9 p.m. ET on HBO. The list of fall premieres that will be making their way to television in the meantime is vast.

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