‘Top Nine’ Instagram 2018: How to See Your Top Posts

As the year comes to a close, everyone’s favorite generator is back to offer you a collage of your top nine Instagram posts of 2018.

During the last few Decembers, handy tools have taken the web by storm that allow you to see your top nine most-liked Instagram posts of the year, then compile them into one highly shareable post. And unlike Instagram’s slideshow component, the Top Nine generator does the dirty work for you, saving you valuable time and leaving you, in the end, with a cool photo collage designed solely for you, as well as intel on how many likes all nine posts cumulatively racked up. Vanity, thy name is Instagram.

And what’s more, it’s incredibly easy to use—try the desktop tool or download the app—and you can generate create collages for yourself or anyone else whose handle you know (celebrities included!) So whether you’re on top of your social media game, or you just this month discovered what Superzoom is (yes, I’m in that category, don’t @ me…), you too can show off your swagger with this cool, one-of-a-kind post.

Glamour’s ‘Top Nine’ Instagram posts of 2018

One big difference from years past: Users must now enter their email addresses, and—instead of waiting for your Top Nine pics to load—the company will send you your collage ASAP. It sounds annoying, but if you’ve played with the tool in the past, you’ll remember it sometimes gets so popular that it could take up an hour for it to generate your request. Now, the email is instant.

From there, you can download the image to post or upload it right it to your Instagram Story. You can also get images printed on items like phone cases, if you’re so inclined.

So go on, show the Instagram world your #topnine (and if you’re still confused by Superzoom, maybe also google that when you’re done).

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