This UCLA Gymnast’s All-Beyoncé Floor Routine Is Going Viral

    Hello, people! It’s Friday, February 28, and there are only two things I care about today: Lady Gaga’s new song, “Stupid Love,” and UCLA gymnast Nia Dennis’s all-Beyoncé floor routine. I wrote all about the former here, so now I have the mental capacity to stan the latter. And let me tell you, my friends: I am stanning.

    Of course, if you follow gymnastics at all, then you know all about Dennis’s brilliance. The UCLA junior is a star—she wrote her name in the air during a recent routine—but this Beyoncé moment takes things to another level. She mashed up several of Beyoncé’s classic instrumentals, including “Lose My Breath” (from Destiny’s Child) and “Crazy in Love.” Watch it for yourself, below, and be transformed.

    According to ESPN.com, Dennis scored a 9.975/10 on the routine, which was one of the highest-performing numbers of the night. (UCLA played in a dual against Utah.) And get this: It all happened on her 21st birthday.

    “I am overwhelmed with happiness and joy, thank you everyone for such positive messages, it means the world to me to have your support. this is so surreal i can’t even believe it! much love always,” Dennis posted to Twitter in response to the routine going viral.

    Here are just a few reactions from people living for this moment:

    “It’s you!!!! You’re incredible!!!! I seriously have never seen a better floor routine!! I’ve been watching them for 40+years. Your landings…I’m deceased. Amazing job!!” one person wrote.

    “That was absolutely amazing! Just showed my kids and now they are jumping around the basement pretending to be you,” posted another.

    Ultimately, UCLA lost the dual to Utah by a hair (198.075-198.025), but it’s clear Dennis was the winner of the night. You know Beyoncé is currently beaming with pride.

    Follow Nia Dennis on Instagram here.

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