This Rotten Week: Predicting The Grinch, Overlord And The Girl In The Spider’s Web Reviews

I suppose the powers that be didn’t want the lasting image of The Grinch to be the incredibly off-putting, and disturbing Jim Carrey version (53%) that came out 18 years ago – which notably hasn’t aged well in the slightest) Now we get an updated animated version from Illumination Entertainment, the studio that brought us the Despicable Me franchise (81%, 74%, 60%), Sing (72%) and The Secret Life Of Pets (74%). That’s a decent run of animated movies, all with solid storytelling, and solid critical marks.

The Grinch, meanwhile, is the story you’re well familiar with already. It’s the story of the titular green monster and his dealings with the folks in Whoville around Christmas time. There’s nothing really new about any of it except the animation style to bring it to a new generation of audiences. I suspect it does fine with critics, though the straight up retelling likely means it won’t be a total critical success.

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