‘This Is Us’ Fans Are Losing It Over This Deleted Scene

It’s not exactly a secret that This Is Us is notorious for bringing on the tears—and so far, the show’s third season hasn’t disappointed in the tear-jerker department.

One of the more emotionally wringing plot lines thus far this season is centered around Kate and Toby, who are trying to get pregnant. In the show’s latest episode, “Katie Girls,” Randall (Kate’s brother) flies to California to be by Kate’s side as she undergoes a egg-retrieval surgery as a part of her in vitro fertilization process. It also gives him the chance to bond with her husband, Toby, who’s also there for the procedure.

After the episode aired Tuesday night, fans of the show discovered a hilarious but unfortunately deleted scene from the episode featuring Toby and Randall. The extra glimpse comes courtesy of the Twitter account of Sterling K. Brown, who plays Randall:

“Please enjoy a deleted scene from tonight’s episode of #ThisIsUs. One might say that Randall and Toby get close…” Brown wrote.

It all happens while Kate is in surgery under anesthesia. A nurse asks Toby for some of his sperm and an awkward, but delightful, exchange between Toby and Randall ensues. A nervous Toby exits the bathroom and tells his brother-in-law that he just can’t do it with everything going on. But Randall, as loyal as he is, asks Toby to think of a situation where he’s the most relaxed.

Toby’s response? “Sitting on the couch watching Chopped eating a frozen-yogurt pop.”

Although This Is Us viewers on Twitter thoroughly enjoyed the almost-two minute long clip, some seriously questioned why it couldn’t possibly make the final cut.

The show’s creator, Dan Fogelman, chimed in to let fans know it was his “favorite scene we’ve had to “chop”—but it was “purely for time.”

We can only cry so much, Dan—next time, please grant us a sweet, sweet two minutes of comedic relief.

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