There’s A New Diablo Game After All, But It’s Not What You Think

While series fans are going to have to keep holding their breath for Diablo IV, Blizzard announced this week that a new series entry, Diablo Immortal, will soon arrive on mobile. It might not be the game diehards were hoping for, but it actually looks like a rather impressive game for the platform.

Heading into this year’s Blizzcon, Blizzard representatives stated that fans eagerly anticipating the next numbered entry in the Diablo series shouldn’t get their hopes up. They stated point-blank that the game is being worked on, but nobody should expect an announcement quite yet.

What got announced instead was a new entry in the Diablo universe that, if I’m being honest, looks pretty rad. I’m not typically a fan of mobile games, but based on the above trailer, Blizzard looks to have pulled out all the stops to make sure Immortal is true to the spirit of the Diablo series. Despite that fact, the reaction at the event leaned super hard in the negative reaction because, despite Blizzard’s warnings, they were apparently still expecting Diablo IV.

As noted in the game’s description, Diablo Immortal will feature the series’ tried and true hack-and-slash gameplay and, since it’s an action roleplaying game, plenty of loot to grind, abilities to earn and skills to upgrade.

Dropping in on the game’s YouTube posting demonstrates that fan reaction I mentioned above. The trailer is sitting at just 421 likes as of this writing, compared to 5.2 thousand dislikes. Based on the comments, the major concerns outside of the fact that this isn’t Diablo IV is that loot boxes and microtransactions are expected to be a key factor. The games community has really turned a corner concerning these particular “features” in games and, being a mobile game, it seems almost certain that Diablo Immortal will include them.

Based on the trailer, it still looks like Diablo‘s trip to mobile is going to be a fully-featured one. The graphics look sharp as hell and the action looks intense. Six classes will be available at launch, all series staples. New abilities will also be up for grabs, giving players creative new ways to dispatch the minions of hell. The game will also boast brand-new stories, dungeons and missions to explore and, even more impressive, it’s a mobile MMO. The trailer shows at least six players hanging out on the same screen, pummeling hordes of baddies or huge boss creatures.

You can pre-register for the game now, but a launch date outside of “soon” is not offered. The good news is that Diablo Immortal will be coming to iOS and Android so, if you’re not too heartbroken over the fact it isn’t a game Blizzard told folks not to expect in the first place, you should be able to get your hands on it sometime soon.

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