The Walking Dead: Our World Will Launch Exclusive Missions After Each New Episode Of The Show

The point-and-click Telltale Games‘ endeavors to capture the spirit, drama and thrills of Skybound and AMC’s The Walking Dead may have come to an end for now, but it doesn’t mean that video games surrounding the property have come to a halt. In fact, more games are still being made and released based around The Walking Dead. The latest venture to capture the post-apocalyptic zombie tale is The Walking Dead: Our World, which will work as a tie-in game to the Season 9 premiere of AMC’s The Walking Dead, with interactive missions based on what happened in the episode.

The game will sport exclusive missions where players will be rewarded with characters from the television show for completion the missions. The mobile game will include what’s being described as “single-encounter” missions, along with larger group-based runs that are known as “Infestations” where there will be a series of individual missions strung together where you’ll need to complete anywhere between three to five missions in order to unlock more valuable items and prizes.

The game is very much like a Walking Dead version of Pokemon Go. Yes, the same game pocket-monster catching game from Niantic Labs. It utilizes AR-style visuals for the combat and a similar Google Maps-inspired overworld.

You’ll travel around the real world, using various characters from the television show, using the likenesses from AMC’s horror-drama while fighting off zombies and attempting to recruit more characters to grow your stable of heroes and survivors.

Much like Pokemon Go, the game supports both solo runs and group events where you can team up with your friends and take down hordes of walkers or clear out nests.

The game is about attempting to clear out the zombies from around the world, using group efforts and solo ingenuity to travel around your neighborhood (or the city at large) and gather items, defeat walkers, and continue to make a name for yourself.

You’ll be able to recruit many of the popular characters from the TV show in The Walking Dead: Our World, including Daryl, Michonne, Rick, Abraham and Eugene, to name a few. The whole hook for the game, though, is that there will be scavenge missions, rescue missions, or recruitment missions all updated and turned into events based around each weekly episode of Season 9 of AMC’s The Walking Dead. So there’s incentive to both watch the show and play the game at the same time.

So when can you play The Walking Dead: Our World? Well, the game is actually available right now. Developer Next Game released it in partnership with AMC for Android-powered devices on the Google Play storefront and on the iTunes App Store for iOS devices. However, the special tie-in between Season 9 and the game won’t begin until Season 9 premieres. So you’ll likely want to get the game now and start leveling up your characters and recruiting some heroes for your efforts before the new season gets underway.

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