The Voice’s DeAndre Nico Had Classy Response After Adam Levine Threw Him Under The Bus

Please note, there will be spoilers for NBC’s The Voice all over this article. Hop out if you don’t want all the details.

DeAndre Nico had to stand on a stage last night and listen to his mentor Adam Levine basically throw him under the bus for another contestant, Reagan Strange, on Adam’s team. It’s hard to tell what was going through the singer’s mind, but he handled it tactfully onstage, saying live on air that he was grateful for the opportunity that The Voice presented.

Now, he’s spoken out about his experience, again taking a classy bent:

Last night was a tumultuous night for The Voice Season 15 contestant DeAndre Nico. One week after he wowed audiences and fought for his life on the show, he found himself in the same position as America left him high and dry in the Bottom 3, with two contestants going home.

Given that Dave Fenley just had a nice enough song choice and Reagan Strange couldn’t even perform, there was a chance that DeAndre Nico would scrape through again with his beautiful rendition of John Legend’s “All of Me.” Then Adam Levine started talking and barely had anything nice to say about Nico before he encouraged America to vote for Reagan because she was sick and unable to perform.

He 100% didn’t say this, but Reagan Strange has had strong votes throughout the competition previously. She’s really good and has the talent to potentially win The Voice. DeAndre Nico is also a very talented singer, but he had already been in the bottom the week previously and it came off like Adam Levine was cutting his losses by putting his full support behind Reagan when he opened his mouth.

The whole thing was extremely awkward to watch, especially because Adam Levine didn’t really take the time to even say nice things about DeAndre Nico — who did put in a really amazing performance — before he launched into his spiel.

A different contestant may have been bitter or at the least emotional onstage given what happened, but DeAndre Nico kept his feelings in check. Now, he still seems to be choosing to think positively about his experience, despite what happened during last night’s episode.

All in all, it’s hard to tell if DeAndre Nico would have made it through another week, even if Adam Levine had thrown out all of the nice things he could possibly think of in the moment in regards to his experience with the contestant. DeAndre Nico also revealed on Instagram that he knows losing on the show doesn’t mean the end for his career, as well.

Adam Levine even pointed this out as his parting words at the end of the episode, noting,

Unfortunately, even that practical advice can’t erase the cringeworthy moment from earlier in the night, at least in the mind of the public. Tune in for new and emotional episodes of The Voice on Monday and Tuesday nights on NBC.

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