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The Sad Reason Eddie Murphy’s Comedic Performances Don’t Get Oscar Consideration, According To His Coming 2 America Director

It really bothers me. And I feel that it’s even more stilted against Eddie because the problem that I think people have with Eddie is that they think that it’s easy for him. I’m sure there are many things in Eddie’s life that feel easy. But what people don’t know is what I see, which is him sitting in his chair, in makeup, he’s putting on music, he’s getting into a place, he’s rehearsing these lines — you see him where he doesn’t fool around on set. When you’re in between takes, he goes to his chair and you see him get into this trance where he is working and working and working. There’s craft there. And I worry that people think that like, ‘Oh, well, Eddie’s just showing up and being funny, like he’s always done.’ And that’s just not true. Yes, he’s showing up and being hilarious, but it’s not like he’s just flipping a switch.

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