The Latest Fake Controversy Has People Concerned About Clothing Choices In Frosty The Snowman

You know what’s more fun than watching iconic network holiday specials? Being snarky about said nostalgia-inducing holiday specials. A few weeks after the humor mill got into Rudolph the Red-nosed Bully (and some people on the Internet freaked out), we’re back with a new edition of Frosty The Pantless Snowman. Take a look at one still from the long-running special to get a glimpse at what the characters are wearing.

Frosty The Snowman, the iconic holiday special coming from Rankin/Bass productions, aired on CBS over the weekend. Per usual, Frosty was entirely pantless, but that’s not what had people online making comments. Instead, they ignored nearly naked Frosty in order to avidly discuss the fact the kids in the movie don’t really have on appropriate winter wear.

Sure, there are some hats and some sweaters, but coats are not really a big deal for these children, who are playing in quite a bit of snow. In fact, pants don’t even seem to be a priority, as most of the kids are running around in shorts like it’s 85 degrees out. (We all know what happens to snowmen when it’s 85 degrees out.)

Occasionally, you’ll catch a kid in a hat in this holiday special, but for the most part, inappropriate outerwear was apparently the way to go in 1969.

Another woman who got a little smarty pants about the clothing choices (tried to get a smarty shorts joke in there, it didn’t work), also had some other thoughts about Rankin/Bass’ story, noting,

Some people on the web have ire for a particular dumb child, like Karen. Although, I will say at least Karen thought to put on ear muffs! Things could be worse for Karen.

We can’t all be like Elsa, whose magical Frozen snow powers keep her from feeling cold, even in silk gowns with see-through sleeves. Animated kids get cold too. But if you ask this lady, they’re just trendsetters.

Anyway, probably the moral of this story is we shouldn’t be taking advice from animated children whilst dressing our own kids, if you didn’t get the memo. But go ahead and keep watching Frosty the Snowman on network TV each winter.

Here’s hoping the Rankin/Bass animated specials live on for another 50 years, even if people have to come out of the woodwork to defend them on occasion.

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