The Jumanji: The Next Level Producer Brings Up ‘Multiple Jumanji Universes’ But What Could That Mean?

There’s always a bit of glass to step over when studios reach for remaking a beloved film. So when Sony decided to make another movie based on one of the famed Robin Williams-led family films, Jumanji, the studio decided to make it a sequel instead. 2017’s Welcome To The Jungle established the world in the form of a video game instead of the board game to dodge some comparisons, and it became a blockbuster hit!

This is interesting. While many people might think of the ‘90s and modern Jumanji movies as separate entities, Hiram Garcia explained how interconnected they are. The new movies are not meant to cancel out the movie that started it all, but expand the universe of the game established back with Robin Williams’ endearing Alan Parrish. It makes sense for a kid living in the ‘90s to find an old board game, and the new movies have the four teens dusting off an older video game.

The Jumanji: The Next Level producer also discussed about continuing to make the world “bigger” through the franchise. Is Hiram Garcia teasing more versions of the game, too? As he explains, it looks like every time one version of the game is beat, another version will appear. What will come next after this vintage video game full of avatars played by the likes of Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, Jack Black and Karen Gillan comes to pass? Maybe the franchise will explore other areas! Hiram Garcia continued with ReelBlend with this:

Oooh! Exactly how big is the world of Jumanji? And how many different access points could there be for people to get stuck within it? Hiram Garcia talks about the Bazaar introduced in the 2017 film to bring together this idea of Jumanji being made up of multiple universes. It’s a really intriguing concept. Who knows – this could add enough life to the franchise for a Star Wars-type saga!

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