The Goldbergs’ Beverly Meets Freddy Krueger In Spooky New Pics

This truly is the most magical time of year…for horror fans. While Robert Englund had previously claimed he was getting too old to get back into the Freddy makeup, that hasn’t proven true. Of course, The Goldbergs likely won’t make him go through any physically taxing stunts during the episode “Mister Knifey-Hands.” No cartwheels and handstands for this guy.

In the episode, Adam is allowed to watch Nightmare on Elm Street by Jackie’ parents, despite Beverly having qualms against it. It leads to a tiff between the families, but it’s Beverly who gets plagued by nightmares of Springwood, Ohio’s finest.

Is it just me, or does it look like he’s rocking the face someone makes when they’ve just farted and they don’t want you walking behind them? It’s very much a “You do NOT want to go in there, trust me.” Granted, because it’s Freddy, it might be a pile of corpses rather than fart gas. But the face still implies something is up.

Freddy has always been at home in suburbia, given that’s where most of his victims lived in the original flicks. But maybe don’t expect to see other familiar locations like the boiler rooms that Freddy loves to creep around in. But maybe do expect to see him out standing in a field?

If Freddy was going after the Children of the Corn, that might be a fun tie-in to one of the lesser-appreciated Stephen King stories and film adaptations. Or maybe not.

According to the episode synopsis, Beverly’s nightmare will teach her an important lesson about Adam and Jackie’s relationship. It doesn’t say, however, whether or not she actually survives her encounter with Freddy. She’s in images for the following episodes, though, so…spoilers, I guess.

Robert Englund hasn’t appeared in an Elm Street-related film as Freddy Krueger since 2003’s Freddy vs. Jason. However, he did don the makeup again for the documentary Nightmares in the Makeup Chair, which was due to release this year. And in case anyone wondered who he’d like to see take the mantle as Freddy, his vote goes to Kevin Bacon taking on the iconic role.

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