The Funny Way Uncut Gems Star Idina Menzel Got Into Character As Adam Sandler’s Wife

In Uncut Gems, Howard (Adam Sandler) finds himself in the midst of a chaotic whirlwind after he pawns Kevin Garnett’s championship ring in an attempt to pay off some gambling debts. Throughout this endeavor, he takes time to sit through a Passover dinner with his estranged wife, Dinah, who he’s getting ready to divorce. When he asks her for another chance, she goes into full no-nonsense mode and swiftly shuts him down — another blow to a man who’s already on his way down. Though Dinah is a supporting character, Idina Menzel’s crackling portrayal is very memorable. And in a behind the scenes featurette for Uncut Gems, she revealed that there was really only one key difference between her and Dinah (via Decider):

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