The Flash’s Cicada: 9 Big Questions That Need Answers

Warning! The following contains spoilers for the first three episodes of The Flash Season 5. Read at your own risk!

The Flash practically exploded out of the gate with Season 5, and our heroes are already struggling with how they’re going to defeat Cicada. We’ve learned several details about the new villain so far, but it seems that every reveal has only inspired more questions that have been “bugging” us about Central City’s serial killer.

Here are the biggest Cicada questions and curiosities we’re currently obsessing over, and ones we’re hoping The Flash answers as the season continues. Here’s hoping we all make it to the end without hearing that sound.

What’s The Extent Of Cicada’s Powers?

At first, Cicada merely seemed like a big dude who could dampen metas’ powers, enabling him to kill them with his bolt dagger and hand-to-hand combat skills. We’ve since learned he can bring his dagger back to him at will, and he can either fly or jump extremely high into the air. Have we seen everything, though, or are there more of Cicada’s powers that we don’t know about?

Conversely, does Cicada have a meta-specific weakness? In both encounters with Team Flash, the villain cut and run after short battles he mostly dominated. We haven’t seen Cicada in an extended fight yet, which means we’ve never seen if that dampening ability has a time limit, or if it takes a physical toll on him. That factor may be a key to bringing the villain down, provided Team Flash can find someone capable of pushing him to his limits.

How Did Cicada Previously Evade Being Captured?

Nora revealed that Cicada is one of spookiest villains The Flash ever faced, mainly because he was never captured. Barry’s future daughter revealed Team Flash failed in their attempts to defeat him in her future, as did the Green Arrow and “the League.” (But the Justice League, or what?) That impressive list of heroes to overcome, combined with Sherloque’s declaration that he’d caught dozens of other dimensions’ Cicadas, makes us super curious about how Earth-1’s Cicada avoided getting caught.

After all, one would imagine a non-meta hero like Oliver Queen could have an advantage against Cicada due to his lack of powers to dampen. Evading capture from that many heroes does take more than physical strength, which probably means Cicada will be difficult to outmaneuver intellectually, on top of using his powers. Cicada doesn’t strike us as the exceptionally clever type like Clifford DeVoe, however, so maybe he had some help in the future staying a step ahead of the heroes?

What’s With Cicada’s Mask?

Cicada’s mask definitely gives him the supervillain vibe of The Flash‘s most dangerous foes, but is it just for show? We’ve seen him unmasked and outside of his suit, so we can assume it’s not constantly vital as a form of life support. In fact, the mask makes his breathing sound ragged and insect-like, so why would he wear it when he’s fighting metas?

It’s possible the mask is a source of Cicada’s power. We haven’t seen him do anything superhuman without it, so maybe this get-up supplements his abilities in a way similar to the villain Bane. Of course, it also might just be a way of creepily concealing his identity, which is crucial, considering Team Flash is pretty good at identifying criminals. (Until they start listening to Sherloque Wells, that is.) Whatever his reason, we doubt the mask is purely aesthetic. It likely fulfills some need the villain has.

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