The Fast And Furious Movies Ranked By How Fast And Furious They Were

    In the past twenty years, The Fast and The Furious has gone from being a critically-derided, C-rate streetcar racing flick to one of the most profitable, critically acclaimed action franchises of the early 21st century. That’s certainly no an easy feat. While a number of factors played into the franchise’s rousing success, part of its appeal came, quite simply, from being both fast and, indeed, furious. Yes, the franchise had expectations to meet, and it often succeeded in one specific regard. It kept things fast, and it kept things furious — though, looking back on the Fast & Furious movies, it’s apparent that, sometimes, it could be a little more fast than furious, and visa versa. That begs the question, which one of these movies is the most fast and furious?

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