The Clever Way Lady Gaga And Bradley Cooper Use Songs to Build Story In A Star Is Born

The following may contain very mild spoilers for A Star is Born, so you might want to bail out now if this story is still new to you, and you want to stay preserved.

The music in A Star is Born acts like a separate character. The songs written by Ally (played by Lady Gaga) mesh with the established musical career of Jackson Maine (Bradley Cooper, who also directs), and it gives their fledgling romantic relationship a foundation on which to build… even if it will lead to discontent before all is said and dine. What’s miraculous about A Star Is Born, though, is that it covers a wide range of musical genres, even though it’s focused on two singers, so when CinemaBlend sat down across from Cooper and Lady Gaga to discuss this film, we talked about how they made sure the musical stylings worked in tandem, and Cooper told us:

Both characters in A Star is Born go through life-altering transitions. Ally (Lady Gaga), to give an example, is plucked from obscurity — she works a thankless waitressing job while singing cover songs at a drag club — because Jackson Maine (Bradley Cooper) recognizes her ability as a singer/songwriter. Her journey is emotional, and when Lady Gaga elaborated in Cooper’s answer to us, she explained:

Where will it pivot? Those of you who have seen the previous versions of A Star is Born will know. Even if you do know, though, you will connect with the performances in Bradley Cooper’s directorial debut more than you ever did in a previous version. Here, hear it from Cooper and Gaga, themselves:

Later this week, when A Star is Born opens in theaters, you should see it, then pick up a copy of the soundtrack on your way home. They’re perfectly paired, with the original songs telling the story of Jackson and Ally, and you will want to use them to remind yourself about this special movie once you’ve arrived back home. A Star is Born opens in theaters on October 4. It’s a must-see film.

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