The Big Bang Theory Showrunner Is Excited About The Series Finale Plan

The Big Bang Theory is actively airing its twelfth and final season. All of which means one thing: The series finale is in sight. How the show goes out is crucial to its legacy. The Big Bang Theory‘s showrunner, Steve Holland, has revealed his excitement regarding the plan for the show’s final act. He also provided some insight into the process so far.

Steve Holland told USA Today that The Big Bang Theory‘s series finale had not been written yet. However, that does not mean they do not have an idea of what it will include. Holland said that he and executive producers Chuck Lorre and Steven Molaro know what they want. He added that they know the ending they are “driving for” and they are “excited about it.”

While pen has not been put to paper for The Big Bang Theory‘s finale, it sounds as though the endgame is known. Everything happening on the show is leading towards the final bend in the characters’ stories.

Steve Holland shared those stories will continue to include Penny and Leonard’s dilemma regarding children. Leonard wants to have them, and Penny does not. That came into play heavily during an earlier episode in Season 12. Whether either Penny or Leonard has a change of heart regarding their respective stands will remain to be seen.

Kaley Cuoco has not ruled out her personal interest in doing a Big Bang Theory spinoff featuring Penny and Leonard. Depending on how the couple resolves the issue of having kids, that could theoretically set one up.

Also happening on the couple’s front in the final season is Raj and Anu’s wedding plans. A wedding seems like a good place to theoretically end the series. It celebrates one of the show’s core characters finding happiness and gives the entire ensemble a reason to be together.

The Big Bang Theory has been pulling out all the stops as it heads into its final episodes. Young Sheldon, the prequel series to the sitcom, recently crossed over with The Big Bang Theory. The twelfth season has marked Sheldon’s first as a married man. He married Amy in the Season 11 finale. So far, their marriage has only gotten stronger.

Many fans are curious to learn if they will start a family before Season 12 ends. Young Sheldon had seemed to indicate that Sheldon would eventually have a family. Before the season began, Steve Holland weighed in on Season 12 featuring that plot point. But it had not been announced at that point that this would be The Big Bang Theory‘s final season.

Either way, it sounds like The Big Bang Theory is gearing up for the finale. They also know what that will include. Will Kaley Cuoco get her finale wish? The series ender will tell the tale.

New episodes of The Big Bang Theory‘s twelfth and final season air Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on CBS. The sitcom is among a plethora of new programming that has aired this fall and will be airing new in the midseason.

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