The Best White Sneakers for Women in 2018

I kind of hate white sneakers. I’ve never bought the Stan Smith Adidas white sneakers everyone owns in multiples. I’ve also never worn the converse white sneakers everyone wears with everything. For most of my life I saw white sneakers as boring. They weren’t interesting enough to be worth the constant risk of dirtying every time I walked on the subway. Normcore came and went without me buying a single pair. But then this past summer I discovered platformed white sneakers by Naked Wolfe that I love so much, I squeal (audibly) every time I put them on. They absolutely changed my entire wardrobe and I don’t know how I could have possibly lived this long without them.

What makes them different than all the white sneakers you’ve seen before is that they are actually ridiculous. Yes, you read that right. Of all the adjectives I could have chosen, ridiculous is the one best suited to describe my perfect pair of 90s inspired chunky platform white sneakers that I love like no other. The other day I wore them out in Soho, enjoying every clunky step, when a man across the street screamed, “Hey! You! Your shoes are CRAZY. I love them!” I don’t know this man and I never saw him again but he has a point. I love them too.

Logically, I shouldn’t. They are sort of crazy. But then again so is 2018 so I don’t see the issue there. The platform is so large, it makes me look like a living Bratz doll which I don’t necessarily think is a bad thing either. Every time I wear my platform white sneakers I’m automatically 3 inches taller. Unlike with white sneakers, platform white sneakers help dress an outfit up (literally), not down. Instead of blending in, they stand out and I love how they really make me stand tall. But because they are also sneakers and not heels, the natural growth spurt and confidence boost are painless. Since they’re all white, they go with everything and the color scheme simplicity keeps them from crossing into ugly dad shoe territory. I’m also convinced they have mass appeal because whenever I wear them, someone really unexpected always compliments them.
Shop my favorite pair and all the other best platform white sneakers out there below.

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