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The Best Tom Hiddleston Movie Performances, Ranked

6. High-Rise (Robert Laing)

High-Rise is one of those films that feels very surreal, and it being set in the ’70s makes the whole trippy, stylistic nature feel right. In basic terms, it’s a film about a group of people living in a new luxury high-rise. Some are from lower classes and others more wealthy. Tom Hiddleston’s character, Robert Laing, is in the middle of the high-rise and of medium wealth.

Hiddleston is the star of this film, and he must be the narrator and a character who hasn’t quite lost it yet, like the others, but easily able to go either way. Hiddleston keeps Laing as the moral compass for most of the film. However, he’s a very shaky compass, as his ambition and desires could easily push him over the edge.

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