The Best Sweatpants for Women

Even a few days ago, if you told me I’d furiously be googling “best sweatpants for women” I wouldn’t have believed you. And yet, during the mere hours I’ve been quarantined at home due to the threat of Covid-19, I’ve developed—or, rather, rekindled—a love affair with anything that has an elastic waist, specifically the sweatpants women whose style I love—the Haileys, Lizzos, and Ashleys of the world— are often spotted in. Baggy and comfy are obviously key, and even though I can’t technically hit the street, the sweatpants I’m eyeing will be streetwear-ready when things return to normal. Because uncertainty is at an all-time high, it might not be the worst idea to both support retailers you love and also stock up on cozy couch clothes. Get started with the 21 best sweatpants for women that you can order right now.

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