The Best Sustainable Beauty Products That Really Work

I’m no stranger to an ambitious undertaking. Bathe like sea turtles? Sure. Recreate Reddit’s best curl routines? Done. But it was with a heavy heart that I embarked on this latest endeavor. In case you missed it, the climate we know is hanging on by a thread. In a report released last month, U.N. scientists found that unless we drastically cut back carbon emissions to keep global warming from surpassing 1.5 degrees Celsius over the next 10 years, we’re going to see devastating consequences. Researchers warn that temperatures could approach intolerable in parts of the world, and acknowledge that coordinating the decline in emissions is going to take scientists, governments, and civilians working in tandem. That’s not the world’s strong suit.

Researchers estimate that 8 million tons of plastic go into the ocean each year, and though major corporations are responsible for most of it, I personally wanted to feel a little less powerless about the situation. Change needs to come from all of us, so I’m starting with this challenge: To use an entirely sustainable beauty routine for one week, and prove that going green doesn’t mean trading down.

Sifting through the world of eco-beauty means deciphering tons of different certifications, each with their own set of acronyms. After substantial research, I surfaced with the feel-good, do-good options below. The twist? Thanks to these superstars, I’m never going back.

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