The Best Pajamas for Women, According to Glamour Editors

    What’s the first thing that comes off when you get home? Shoes! Pants! Bra! Now imagine slipping into the comfiest thing you own. Bliss. The best pajamas for women rival your coziest staples, not to mention nothing makes you feel like you have your life together quite like coordinated sleepwear. But in case you’re thinking about those itchy flannels from three Christmases ago, rest assured today’s pajama sets come in fabrics and prints so soft and pretty you’ll never want to take them off.

    With so many options out there, we called on Glamour staffers to put the coziest, comfiest, and most luxurious pajamas to the test. There are practical styles for people who can only get good night’s rest in breathable fabrics like silk or Pima cotton, while other pairs are so fancy they’re begging to be worn to work. Either way, you aren’t living your best life until you own a matching PJ set. Ahead, 19 of the best pajamas for women to add to cart right now.

    Sleep is a $28 billion industry—we throw our money at a dreamier night’s rest, promise ourselves we’ll prioritize it, and then gripe when we’re still, inevitably, so tired. Despite our collective obsession with sleep, we seem totally unable to get more of it. In fact, we’re clocking fewer hours than ever. So this month, we’re taking a look at what’s getting in the way—and what to do about it.

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